UPDATE: He's back!

The monkey who was ran away from the Research Center in New Iberia was found just chillin' on the side of Admiral Doyle Drive this morning.

Kurt Babineaux told KATC he was on his way to work when he say the little creature sitting down right in the median on Admiral Doyle Drive.

He call the number, and officials showed up, tranquillized the monkey, and they took him back to the facility.

Original story:

Residents near the U.L Primate Research Center in New Iberia are being asked to keep an eye out for a missing monkey. Actually, the creature that has gone missing is a Rhesus Macaque.

Officials with the Primate Center say the missing animal weighs about 12  pounds and was born and raised at the facility. The animal was last seen on Sunday afternoon in the vicinity of the SugArena. The animal then meandered off into a wooded area nearby.

Officials with the Primate Center say the creature might be cute to look at but they caution anyone from attempting to capture or corral the animal. Instead, they ask if you've seen the animal to contact them at 337-201-0105 or 337-281-4075.

The macaque is part of a breeding group of animals and carries no communicable diseases. And while the creature is used to being in the presence of humans the animal should not be looked upon as a pet or trained animal.

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