Jim Bernhard rumors are swirling again as LaPolitics.com reports the former Shaw Group CEO is considering a run for the governor’s mansion in 2019.

Bernhard now operates energy investment firm Bernhard Capital Partners. LaPolitics.com Publisher Jeremy Alford says Bernhard has the capital on hand to make it a competitive race.

“On one hand Jim Bernhard is an election flirt, on the other hand, he is also a fortune 500 darling who could write his own check and build some name recognition pretty quickly.”

And while Alford says it’s too early to know just what party a potential Bernhard campaign would run under, his current affiliation and past political history make it pretty clear.

“Jim Bernhard is the former chairman of the Louisiana Democratic Party; very recently he was donating money to pro-democratic PACs.”

Alford says he’s heard reports that backers of Governor Edwards have reached out to Bernhard to convince him not to run, which Alford says is indicative of how much of a challenge the upcoming contest will be for the blue governor in a red state.

Bernhard has not publicly commented on whether he would like to challenge Edwards, but Alford says more than a year out, there’s only one notable potential candidate who says they would like to take a crack at the Governor.

“Congressman Ralph Abraham, he has directly hinted towards a run, he has said he is interested in it on the record, he has started to hire campaign staffers.”

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