A friend pointed out that the markings on Pont des Mouton, in the turn lane for the median cross-over, go against what might be considered "safe".

I posted this image on my Facebook page a few months back, and many people agreed with the image, even calling it one of their "pet peeves" when it comes to driving.


Notice how, in the "correct" picture, the drivers can easily see the oncoming traffic? Clearly, the "correct" picture would be the safe way to complete this maneuver.

Now, the line markings on Pont des Mouton on the Northside of Lafayette direct you differently: they make you stay close to the near median, instead of have you get close to the far median.  The video below will show the markings on East Pont des Mouton.

Notice how the two images are different? What do you think should be the proper way to handle an intersection like this?

According to a law enforcement official I spoke with, motorists must follow the lines on the road, as they take precedence over the "common sense" approach to driving.  Go figure.

(Youtube/99.9 KTDY)