Better Business Bureau Serving Acadiana warns that the 'Secret Sister Gift Exchange' is a pyramid scheme and should be avoided.  It has been circulating on social media sites,  claiming that participants will receive up to 36 gifts in exchange for sending one gift valued at $10.

The exchange then asks participants to invite others to participate, after which they will get details on where to mail gifts.

The scheme promises that by buying one gift for a stranger, the buyer will then receive up to 36 gifts in return. Beginning this gift exchange, however, requires the buyer to disclose  personal information such as home address and other information.

The Better Business Bureau recommends:

· Ignoring this scam completely and do not release personal information to anyone.

· Avoiding letters that involve money or valuable items and promise big returns are illegal.Starting or sending a chain letter is against the law.

· Remembering that while some chain letters claim they’re legal and endorsed by the government, official agencies do not respond in that way.

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