Senator John Kennedy has sponsored an amendment to the Senate Farm Bill that would require SNAP program recipients to show a photo ID during a transaction. Kennedy says this would help cut back on tens of billions of dollars in yearly fraud that is rampant in the program…

 “Reform is long overdue, and it seems to me the time to act is right now to ensure that taxpayer dollars are going where taxpayers intended them to go.”

Kennedy pinpointed one incident in New York in which someone committed food stamp fraud for over 5 years, getting thousands in benefits.

“That one individual’s criminal actions cost taxpayers and people who really need food stamps 1.2 million dollars, and that was one act.”

The senator says this is not a partisan issue, it’s about good governance, and needs to address quickly before the state bleeds any more cash.

“Not a single one of us in this Congress should stand by and tolerate criminals stealing from the mouths of children. That’s not a democratic principle, that’s not a republican principle, that’s a human principle.”

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