Citizens of Milwaukee, WI. are reeling after a gunman opened fire inside a Sikh temple. The shooter, who has been identified as Wade Michael Page, walked into the temple and began to fire on the people inside. Four of them were fatally shot, and three people were injured during the shooting.

The temple had dozens of patrons inside for Sunday service, including the president of the temple, Satwant Kaleka, who was critically injured in the attack. Another reported injury was a 20-year police veteran who was shot multiple times, but is expected to make a recovery. Page drew his weapon on officers, he was shot and killed by the officers that arrived on scene.

Little details about Page have been released, but it has been stated by the officials working the case that he is of Military background with 'radical white supremacist views.'

Oak Creek Police Chief John Edwards says that "We're treating this as a domestic terrorist type incident," and "The FBI has the resources needed to help investigate that. The ATF is also involved with this, along with the Milwaukee Police Department."