If awareness is a part of good law enforcement then nobody has made more people more aware of what kind of law enforcement has jurisdiction in St. Landry Parish than Captain Clay Higgins.

Capt. Clay Higgins has become an international superstar for his St. Landry Crime Stoppers reports that are a weekly feature on KATC TV 3 in Lafayette. While the Captain's videos have gone worldwide and lead to the capture of many fugitives and criminals there are some that are not  pleased with his latest effort.

In his most controversial video to date, Higgins is surrounded by leaders of the St. Landry African-American community. He is also shown surrounded by other men and women of several area and state law enforcement agencies. His message is aimed at a group of lawless thugs that go by juvenile name "Gremlins".

By using the word animals? They are human beings and they have a right to a fair trial by a jury of their peers.

Those are the words of Reverend Raymond Brown. Reverend Brown is the president of National Action Now. In researching information on National Action Now we could not confirm that the group was based in St. Landry Parish. Telephone numbers to the group's offices have a 504 area code and the "About" page on the group's website was blank.

Regardless of those details, Reverend Brown believes, according to statements made to the Louisiana Radio Network, that Captain Higgins went too far in calling individuals who deal in drugs and death animals.

Brown says Higgins comments were a slap in the face to our criminal justice system. He suggested that calling people names sets a  poor example. It would seem that Reverend Brown is very familiar with the concept of being a bad example.

A white cop particularly should not call black men animals. Saying he's going to hunt them down like a bounty hunter, and if they resist he's going to use maximum force.

Meanwhile St. Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby Guidroz said in his remarks to LRN. That the gang of criminals Captain Higgins spoke of has been terrorizing the area for quite a while. The community has had enough. In addressing concerns about Higgins' remarks Sheriff Guidroz said the Captain may have veered off point. However, his message to the bad guys was pretty simple.

That we're going to watch out for you of you come into this immediate area. We're active and will be looking out for you.

Guidroz says he supports Captain Higgins but he has offered the Captain some advice. He's asked to refrain from being critical moving forward.

But let me tell you, he does a great job here and I'm proud of him. There are some things that i'm going to guide him in to not saying.