In an interview with Sydney radio station, a business technology expert claims the viral face aging app is all about gaining access to your personal information. Technology Expert Steve Sammartino tells 2GB’s Ben Fordham that users are allowing access to their entire camera roll. So that means even if you're not using the app, but a friend has your picture on their phone, you're on the servers belonging to a foreign developer.
In a story posted on Australia's 9News, Sammartino explains that your face is considered biometric information that could be used for anything. Have you read the entire user agreement?
“Now you’re saved in a Russian start-up's database all the way over there in Russia with all of these other photos. Even if you say no to them accessing the pics on your camera roll, it accesses them anyway.”
The company is called Wireless Lab and firest released the app back in early 2017. The photos of users faces aged 30 years have gone viral among celebrities and common-folk alike. Sammartino says we should all be more careful with this data because it could have security implications in uses such as facial recognition technology.

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