There are a lot of holiday activities for children and families every year.  Drive and walk through light displays, caroling, begging jolly bearded men in red for toys - but what about the adults?  Not to worry my grown up(ish) friend, there are plenty of events designed to get you into the spirit of the season too!

Case in point: The Grapevine Wine Train.  This Christmas miracle happens aboard the famous Grapevine Vintage Railroad.  Located just north of Dallas/Fort Worth, Grapevine is the Christmas capitol of Texas.  It also just happens to be the home of the largest wine festival in the southwest and several high profile and high quality vineyards.  Every year, these two distinct flavors blend together on a holiday themed trek down the old Cotton Belt route that just happens to pass nearby several of the aforementioned wineries.

Just imagine riding in the restored 1930's passenger cars pulled by a 1896 steam locomotive nicknamed "Puffy" or a 1953 GP-7 diesel locomotive nicknamed "Vinny," all the while taking generous sips of the finest vino North Texas has to offer.  Sure, that whole "hot chocolate" bit from the Polar Express is cool - but wouldn't it be cool with wine and without all of the screaming kids (plus wine)?  Plus you get to keep the glass that brought you all that peace and tranquility.

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of Christmas themed activities for the whole family in Grapevine this season (over 1400 at last count), and I'm sure they're all fun.  In fact, maybe you could take the family and enjoy some of them - then arrange for a little "private shopping time" for yourself.

All aboard (hic)!

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