It's a tradition that if you are driving anywhere near a Buc-ee's that you have to stop and spend half your paycheck there. I tend to stop on my way and then again when I am returning home. My usual list is cherry sours, a turkey sandwich, and their mini cookies that are caramel with sea salt on top. I got burnt out on the nuggets, but I usually buy a few bags to use to barter when I get back home. I got so addicted to the cookies when I worked for a tire shop that I would offer a discount on tires if the customer brought in a bag of nuggets or cookies. Don't call it an addiction, just a full supporter of the beaver.

I ran across this website last night that now means you don't have to drive over to one and allows you to get your Buc-ee's fix from the comfort of your own home. You can now go shopping in your underwear! has all the Buc-ee's snacks and swag you could possibly want. From t-shirts, novelty items, to cookies, beef jerky, and of course Beaver Nuggets!

The company is based out of Plano, TX and seems to be a sort of Door Dash version with the beaver being the only store you can order from. It has been gaining more and more traction recently with a ton of media coverage letting those that have never been to a Buc-ee's means that you've truly never been to Texas. According to an article by Southern Living, you place your order from Texas Snax and they run to their nearest store and buy them for you. Owner Chris Koerner makes sure that his customers are aware that him and his company are nowhere near related to the beaver, but just understand the love for all things Buc-ee's. He felt that if customers would pay for a Door Dash style delivery service and pay more for a meal to be delivered to their door, they would do the same for Buc-ee's. I gotta say, he is certainly not wrong!

Now, excuse me while I go check the current balance on my Discover card to see how many snacks I can get from Texas Snax.

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