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TikTok is used for many different reasons, but one TikTok star took to the platform to ask for the community's help.

Ophelia Nichols, also known as shoelover99 on the app or as Mama Tot to her followers, took to social media the other day to ask for help.

In her video, she detailed a tragic situation in which she said that her son who was 18 years old was shot the night before and unfortunately he did not survive.

@shoelover99You will be found! You will reap what you sow in this world. You may not be caught now but its coming. I hope you see my sons face eveyday of your life♬ original sound - ophelia

Police in Alabama are currently investigating the situation that took place on Friday night, June 24, 2022. According to police, the shooting happened around 7:45 pm in Prichard, Alabama. The victim of the shooting was identified as Randon Lee. Randon was 18 years old on Friday when the shooting occurred and would have been 19 the next day had he survived.

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According to Ophelia, "her son was shot at a gas station before driving down the street to a different gas station, where he was later found dead."

In Ophelia's video, she states that her family needs help and begs anyone with information about her son’s death to come forward to the police.

“I ain’t never asked y’all for anything,” Nichols said through tears. “But I need your help with this. There’s almost seven million people that follow me, somebody’s gotta know something.”

She also said that they have leads on two individuals who may be connected to the shooting.

Police have not released any information on the case.

The case is still under investigation.

Thousands of people have posted in support of Mama Tot and her family. Mama Tot has brought people together through TikTok and stood in support of so many others in their time of need, now is the time for the rest of the platform to stand with her and help her out when she needs it the most.

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