Trooper Brooks David joined Bernie and Brandon on 'Acadiana's Morning News' to talk holiday driving safety, including the importance of wearing a seatbelt, The Click It Or Ticket Campaign, and more.

Trooper David first discussed the Click It Or Ticket campaign, which began last Sunday and ends this Sunday, 11/28.

Last year's stats were staggering for the Thanksgiving holidays. We had 424 fatal and injury crashes that resulted in 12 deaths and 710 injuries. We have troopers out all week long along with other troopers and Louisiana State Police making sure people are buckling. You are 45% more likely to survive a crash if you have your seat belt, and 50% likely to receive less injuries. For some reason, people aren’t buckling. Troop I had 62 deaths at this time last year and we’re already at 61 and we don’t want to surpass last year’s fatalities.

Trooper David also reminded listeners that buckling is the law and that airbags do not replace seatbelts

Everyone inside a vehicle has to be buckled up. You don’t want to move your vehicle until everyone is buckled up.  If someone doesn’t want to comply, don’t let them ride with you. How bad would you feel if you got in a crash and someone died? Remember, that person will fly around the vehicle with the same force that you’re travelling. If that person weighs 100 pounds and you’re traveling 50 mph that’s 5,000 pounds of force that that person will fly around the vehicle. Everyone needs to be buckled.The seatbelt is made to keep you inside the vehicle and to spread the forces of the crash throughout your body. The airbag is a supplement to the seatbelt. If you're hit and and you’re travelling forward at 50 MPH and the airbag is coming out at that speed you have the potential to break your neck, your ribs, puncture your lungs, your heart, your arteries. Your body will hit the dashboard or be ejected at the speed you’re traveling. The seatbelt keeps you in the vehicle.

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