A group of Acadiana restaurants is pushing back on the new WAITR agreement that includes a performance-based commission clause. On Sunday, the group said it will not accept orders through the delivery app. It all stems from the jump from the original 3% fee could go as high as 15-20% for some restaurants. In a story by The Advocate, the owner of Hot Food Express in Lafayette says he wants the company to meet them in the middle.

...We're not saying to go back to 3 percent, but they're taking the rights away from us. What's going to be next? We're paying the driver's wage? We want them to know how we feel. We want this to be fair.

The changes come after a massive expansion at Louisiana-based WAITR which included the company going public. Many people point to a new emphasis on profits as the food delivery market is flooded with new companies such as UberEats and Door Dash.





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