Carencro Rep. Bobby Badon was pulled over in January of 2010 and booked with a DWI, and the video of his traffic stop has been released. Trooper James Lazard stopped Badon after his truck crossed over a fog line during a left turn. During the traffic stop, Badon tells Lazard that he'd been at a party. 15th Judicial District Judge Herman Clause ruled last week that there was no basis for the traffic stop because the wide left turn was in compliance with state law. This ruling means that all evidence gathered after the stop was not admissible in court, including the alleged 0.125 percent breath sample.

In the video, Lazard tells Badon it smelled like he'd had some drinks that night.  

In the video, Badon explains to Lazard that he just lives a few blocks away from the traffic stop and that he was almost home. Badon pleas with Lazard to let him go and follow him home.