In a city like Lafayette, a multi-million dollar construction project is surely something you're not going to miss if you pass it on Ambassador Caffery. On a recent venture to the southern end of the Hub City, an area that was once dense brush is now being cleared. You may know this area as "across from Walmart" or "next to Hooters", but I want to know what is going up along what is quite possibly the busiest stretch of roadway in the area.

Turns out, all you have to do is dig a little. The good people at Developing Lafayette have a story about the new VA Clinic that will go in that now vast open space on Ambassador.

There is new Veterans Affairs Community Based Outpatient Clinic that will be built here and it looks like movement has started on the project. There is a green development sign that states that the land has 3 lots, so more things could become of this property.

KATC reporter Alex Labat covered the story back in March when the deal was first made to bring a clinic to that area of town- replacing a current facility downtown. It will provide medical and mental health care to veterans in Acadiana. The 29,000 square foot is estimated to cost about $13 million.