Lafayette, LA (KPEL News) - Two rounds of severe storms tore through south Louisiana in mid-May, bringing near-hurricane speed winds that damaged homes and trees. Lafayette was not spared damage, with power out to hundreds of residents for hours.


The double whammy of storms felled trees in several of Lafayette's beautiful, more established subdivisions. Residents have worked diligently to clean up and set debris at the curbs for pickup, and many of them are still waiting for the collection services to arrive.

The scope of the damage compelled Lafayette Mayor-President Monique Blanco Boulet to declare a state of emergency that allows the city and parish to tap into funding to help with cleanup. The issue isn't only financial; it's a matter of manpower.

Mayor-President Boulet said in the release:

The recent severe weather has left a considerable impact on our community. Our primary concern is the safety and well-being of our residents. This emergency declaration will enable us to expedite the recovery process and secure necessary resources to address the damage.

Monique Blanco Boulet
Facebook via Monique Blanco Boulet Lafayette Parish Mayor-President


During Lafayette Live on Acadiana's Morning News on 96.5 KPEL, Boulet explained that the public works department had enlisted the assistance of a certified vendor to help with debris collection. As of Thursday morning, the Mayor-President and Public Works Director were meeting to secure the help of another collection service to further expedite the process.

She apologized for the delay and says Lafayette Consolidated Government is working as fast as it can to pick up all the debris the storms left in their wake.

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Yes! Boulet asks that anyone who is still awaiting debris pickup to report it to them. Lafayette residents can call 311, the city's information line, or call 337-291-8517.

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