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Just as we are starting to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic in Louisiana (please wear your mask, we're not completely out yet), it looks like another statewide health issue is emerging.  This time, it's not the humans that live in this state that are in danger (directly), it's our birds.

According to BRProud, a Salmonella bacterial infection is spreading through the avian population and the cause could be in your own backyard.  The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) says that this infection is causing the sporadic death of wild birds across the Sportsman's Paradise.  Officials believe that these birds are getting infected when they stop in and visit contaminated birdbaths and feeders.

If you observe dead wild birds in your yard, the LWDF is urging you to put your birdbath and/or bird feeder up in storage for at least 2 months to encourage birds in the area to seek out alternate water/bathing spots.  The next step is to disinfect it.  Officials say that the most effective way to do this is to scrub it with a solution of "warm, soapy water and a 10% bleach solution and allow them to dry."

Any bird carcasses should be removed, placed in a resealable plastic bag and thrown in the trash to prevent contamination.  They also suggest that you wear rubber gloves during the process.

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