*** UPDATE On Port Barre Hostage Situation ****UPDATE***

According to St. Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby Guidroz the hostage situation in Port Barre has ended with the safe release of the hostage. Guidroz says deputies heard the man say he 'was tired of this' and he was going to shoot the hostage. At that point deputies fired tear gas into the home and shot the hostage taker. Guidroz said the hostage was safe but upset with deputies for shooting her boyfriend. The suspect identified as Timothy R. Albert, had been arrested numerous times and also had outstanding warrants for aggravated assault.


Original story:

Deputies with the St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office are responding to a hostage situation outside of Port Barre on Hwy 741.

KATC reports that a man is holding his girlfriend hostage at gunpoint and that a 3 year - old child was released who was also in the home. A SWAT team has arrived and a negotiator is on the way to the scene.

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