St. Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby Guidroz says that no one was injured after several cars were shot at last night in the parish.

St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office Spokesman Deputy Chief Eddie Thibodeaux says that there were a few calls to the 911 center last night about several incidents.

In the end, detectives say that three cars ended up having been shot at, with a total of thirty-nine rounds being discharged.

One call that came in about the incident was from a woman who says she ended up wrecking her car after her vehicle was hit by one of the bullets.

A person near the intersection of Louisiana Highways 182 and 178 called in at around 2:30 in the morning regarding people in the abandoned lot at Kappy's Corner making noise. The caller said he even heard something that sounded like fireworks.

Detectives went to investigate, and three cars ended up being shot at. The Sheriff's Office is working to figure out who is responsible for the shootings.