There are new allegations from several current and former police officers who are suing the Lafayette Police Department.  The Advertiser reports today that two attorneys for those suing want the police department to give them paperwork.

The attorneys say they want the paperwork and audio to confirm their claim that LPD's higher-ups  helped to cover up a drinking and driving incident  by an off duty officer.

Nine different officers, three of them not currently employed by the LPD, are claiming that the top officials in the department and local government are involved in the cover-up and that the district attorney should become involved.

The cover-up in question occurred back in October of last year when they allege officer Jeremy Dupuis was found passed out in his car outside of the McDonalds on Johnston near St. Mary St. The 911 call made by a McDonalds employee can be heard here.  This was audio was found on the Busted In Acadiana website.

Lawyers Stephen Spring and Christopher Alexander are asking for the LPD to turn over documents and audio recordings that say would prove that there is evidence of a cover-up.  The Advertiser says the attorney's allege  the officers lied to help protect Dupuis.

The defendants have filed petitions in federal court asking for the suit to be dismissed and sanctions be placed on Spring, Alexander, and their clients.

Court documents show that Judge Richard Haik will be listening to oral arguments dealing with the defense motioning to dismiss the case on August 16 at 9:30 AM at the federal courthouse in downtown Lafayette.

KPEL spoke to Corporal Paul Mouton with the LPD this morning and he said, "I cannot comment on the matter because is involves ongoing litigation." We will update you when we know more.