Duson Police Chief Kip Judice says there is a cause for concern after the release of the annual uniformed crime report for the Town of Duson.

Chief Judice says that crime is up a total of 4.6% with several new crimes in the following categories:

  • Homicides
  • Burglaries

There were significant decreases in motor vehicle thefts, assaults, and robberies.

"This trend must be reversed," said Judice. "The Duson Police will enact more aggressive patrols associated with burglary analysis and will increase the number of crime cameras in the Town to harden the target, so to speak.

Despite the increase in crime percentage, the overall crime was up less than five percent. According to Judice, this shows that without those random spurts of violence, the crime trend in Duson would have remained on a downward trend.




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