A man wanted for a shooting outside of a house that has prior shooting activity has now been arrested by Eunice authorities.

Eunice Police Chief Randy Fontenot told Kpel earlier this week that it is not the first time they have visited the house of Townhome Drive to respond to 911 reports of a shooting.

There were two shootings reported at this house two Sunday in a row, the first one Sunday, May 3, and the second shooting on Sunday, May 10.

Police were able to arrest 21-year-old Brandon Ndubueze in connection to what happened with the shooting on May 10.

Ndubueze, Fontenot says, was involved in an ambush-style shooting at the Townhome Drive house, and when he shot, the other people returned fire, and Ndubueze was hurt by the gunfire.

Ndubueze fled into the woods behind the home where is was able to hide from Fontenot's men for several hours before finally being caught. He had to be taken to the hospital for treatment.

Yesterday, Ndubeuze was given his release papers from the hospital, and that is when officers were able to arrest the man. He was taken into custody to face four counts of Attempted Second Degree Murder along with Simple Criminal Damage to Property.

Fontenot says the house on Townhome Drive has seen plenty of activity when it comes to violence, and he has no doubt that, unfortunately, the bad news about this area will continue.

Fontenot told KPEL,

This particular residence has been the target of multiple shootings going back to last year.

The other person shot in connection with this case is known by the nickname "KK". Fontenot says the man's real name is Damarquis Robinson. When he was injured by gunfire Saturday night, he was taken to the hospital by family members.

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