It may be hard to believe, but Atlanta police says a man shot another man after a dispute over the Saints and San Francisco 49ers game.

A man from the Atlanta Georgia area is now in critical after he was shot was in an Applebee's restaurant on Saturday night.  Police says the their was a fight inside of the Applebee's restaurant about the playoff game between the New Orleans Saints and the San Francisco 49ers.

Corey Adams and Chris Middleton says they were there watching the game, and rooting for the 49ers to win.  They say they started to argue with Saints fan Donald Aryo about the game.  They say Aryo then left the restaurant, but then he came back about an hour later.  Adams says he and Middleton were then shot at by Aryo

Middleton was taken to a medical Center and he is listed critical condition, while Aryo was arrested on charges of aggravated assault and felony possession of a firearm.