Dr. Holly Howat, Executive Director of the Lafayette Parish Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee in Lafayette, says unlocked doors have led to five more guns being stolen.

The Love It/Lock campaign is a local law enforcement initiative to remind people to lock their car doors and their homes to prevent thefts, especially gun thefts.

Police Chief Jim Craft has told KPEL sometimes these stolen guns are used in other crimes.

Howatt reports that during the first week of November, from the second through the eighth, criminals got into twenty-three cars, and two-thirds of them were unlocked. Five guns were stolen during this period.

The following guns were stolen:

  • Three Glocks
  • One Smith and Wesson pistol
  • One 20 gauge shotgun

Howatt says the guns are now "owned" by the criminals, and they likely will be used in other crimes.

Howatt adds,


“This is serious criminal activity that has an easy and effective solution.The best way to prevent vehicle burglary and potentially violent crime is to make sure your vehicle is locked every time you exit it. We must proactively address this as a community.”

Howatt is hoping the 21 day media blitz called Love It/Lock It will get people into the habit of locking their doors.

You can find out more information at http://facebook.com/LafayetteCJCC.