No pain, no gain, right?

As the City of Youngsville continues to grow, from time to time we'll find temporary minor inconveniences that must occur in the name of progress.

In a post on social media over the weekend, Youngsville Mayor Ken Ritter thanked officials with Lafayette Parish for their help in working to get Decon Road resurfaced.

The "thanks" comes as the entirety of Decon Road is not incorporated into Youngsville, but is split 50/50 with Lafayette Parish and, instead of just having half of the road resurfaced, the entire stretch will now be smooth.

I am assuming that the 50/50 split is north/south, and not east/west. Can you imagine if the northbound lane was resurfaced but the southbound lane was not? That would be a nightmare, right?

Anyway, the gist of the story is this: Decon Road in Youngsville will be closed to through traffic beginning today.

Decon Road is located in the southwest portion of Youngsville, off of Savoy Road. Remember where Just Judy's was? Well, that intersection unites Highway 339 and Chemin Agreeable at a 4-way stop, and that's where the south end of Decon Road lies.

The north end of the Decon Road construction will end at Savoy Road, a full 2 miles north of Chemin Agreeable.

The resurfacing of Decon Road is expected to take a total of 6 weeks, so look for the roadway to reopen come the middle of January, if Mother Nature is kind.

It's a little strange for me to lay out a detour for Decon Road as, in the past, I have always looked at Decon Road as a detour when there is construction on Verot School Road or on Detente Road, but here goes:


via Google Maps
via Google Maps

Savoy Road to Verot School Road if you are headed toward Erath, or Savoy Road to Chemin Metairie to Detente if you want to take the long way to Erath.

If you are coming from Erath, you'll have to take either a left or a right on Chemin Agreeable. If you take a left, stay on Verot School Road until you get to Savoy Road, then turn right. If you take a right on Chemin Agreeable, turn left on Detente Road, and then take the 3rd exit out of the traffic circle onto Chemin Metairie to Savoy Road.

As a frequent traveler of Decon Road, my car (and my back) will be very happy when this work is completed!

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