A Catholic priest who police believe was killed with his own pistol traveled with the gun for protection and kept it in the bedroom of the Mississippi beach house where he was shot.
A fellow cleric says the 70-year-old Rev. Edward Everitt usually went alone on weekend getaways to Waveland, the quiet town on the Mississippi Gulf Coast where his body was found Monday. A convicted felon who worked on the house is suspected of killing the Louisiana priest, then taking his car to Florida for a Disney vacation.

The Rev. Cayet Mangiaracina says Everitt kept his .380 caliber pistol in his car and then by his bed at the beachhouse.

It's not clear how much Everitt knew about the past of the man who did odd jobs for him. Thirty-one-year-old Jeremy Wayne Manieri waved extradition to Mississippi during a court appearance yesterday in Florida.