This video is 3 years old, to begin with, but it's started to make its way back around on social media and slowly become a meme in itself. Luke Bryan is bow hunting in Illinois and at the time in 2018, he has the chance to take down the biggest deer. The video starts with the deer approaching and we get various angles from Bryan's bow, tree, and a bit further up.

YouTube, Real Tree

As the deer approaches and Bryan gets in place, you can hear him trying to control his breathing, but the excitement is almost too much for him. He gains his composure and lets the arrow fly. After it hits the deer, that's when the fun begins. Hunters call it "buck fever", and although I have never experienced it, I have heard a ton of emotional stories about killing your first one. I have heard stories of the emotions and excitement is so much that you just start crying from excitement. I guess it's the same feeling when I find out the McRib is back for the season.

In case you wanted to know, he asks "is he down?" ten times before he ever gets an answer. Then you see even more emotions run across his face as he cries and presses his hands together.

YouTube, Real Tree

I am not making fun of Luke in any way, but man I just can't help from laughing myself to tears watching his face and body language during that entire part of the video. I am sure by now, he's shot plenty more deer. I just wonder if he still asks if it's down or not.

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