An Abbeville policewoman was shot during a routine traffic stop last week, and her whole life has been turned upside down.

The officer is still recovering in a Lafayette hospital.

The members of the Police Association of Lafayette # 905 have set up a Go Fund Me account for this officer.

Because this officer is now on Workman's Compensation, she is only receiving sixty percent of her normal salary, and she often worked outside security jobs to make ends meet each month.

This new officer doesn't make much per hour.

Scott Rummell with the Police Association of Lafayette # 905 says the community of Abbeville, and all of Acadiana, have come out to show the officer support, and they want to join in helping her during her recovery.

He says all police communities help each other.

Jonathan Touchet, a lieutenant with the Abbeville police department says this officer may not have been on the force that long, but she has always wanted to serve the public in the capacity of police officer duties.

He adds that the officer was always dedicated to her work, and she loves her job.


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