Every time I see a headline like this, "Report: About 2,400 Millionaires Get Unemployment Checks" I have to question whether anybody is watching the cookie jar.  This statistic is from a recent report from the Congressional Research Service.  It is said to be sparking calls for an end to payments to high income earners.  Really!

I know some families with two incomes who live within their means and can't make ends meet but somewhere across the great fruited plain 2,400 people with a net worth of a million dollars or more are receiving and using unemployment benefits.  I could understand one or two crooks getting away with this theft but 2,400 leaves me nearly speechless.  With all the technology and government employees we have I think someone should have caught this problem earlier.  Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn called it "a case study in out-of-control spending".  Again I say "REALLY"!

How can we expect Congress to cut a projected one-point-one trilion dollar deficit for the fiscal year that ended last week when someone in Washington lets 2,400 crooks steal millions from the treasury?  To cut the deficit takes an actual thought process and engagement with other human beings but this should be a blazing red flag that pops up when a computer matches last year's tax return with an unemployment claim.  If our government computers can't do this I'd be willing to let them hire one of my grandchildren and lend them my iPad.  I bet one grandchild and an iPad could find the problem before it got to 2,400 suspects!

It's noted that ending unemployment benefits for millionaires would save an estimated 20 million dollars over the next decade.  I'd be willing to let them hire all of my grandchildren with newly purchased iPads and we probably could find more theft than the Congressional Research Service.