Brenda Webb of Lake Charles has just lived through what could only be described as a nightmare. You'd think just having your house catch on fire would be enough to send you over the edge but Brenda, unfortunately, found that her troubles were just beginning when she dialed for assistance with a fire in her home in the early morning hours of Monday.

According to a story first reported on KPLC Television's website. Webb was just exiting the shower early Monday morning when she noticed flames in her home. She called for assistance. She and her fiance were able to escape the burning structure but in doing so, Webb tripped. The fall resulted in a busted chin that required stitches. That meant a trip to a local emergency room.

Following her successful visit to the ER Webb returned to the charred remains of her home. Only to find that someone had ransacked the damaged structure. Webb's family members told the KPLC reporter that cash and jewelry were missing from the home.

Family members have started a GoFundMe Account for Webb. The money will be used to cover living expenses while things are still being sorted out. A family member told KPLC that Ms. Webb would be staying in Texas until all of the upheavals in her life can be sorted out.

An initial investigation into the blaze at Webb's Tupelo Street home suggested that the fire was started by an electrical issue. Lake Charles Police are working with Webb and her family to file paperwork on the missing items as well.

All we can say is this, Ms. Webb, we certainly hope things will be improving for you soon. You've had a lifetime of bad luck in the course of just a few hours. Let's hope our community can rally around you and help you overcome what will certainly be a story that will be passed down through your family for generations.

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