Last week, another registered Democrat jumped into the race to challenge incumber junior U.S. Senator John Kennedy - Gary Chambers. He joins Luke Mixon, who jumped in back in October of 2021.

“To really make it a challenging race, one or both of these democrats needs to start raising money, and start getting in a position to mount a credible challenge," said U.L.-Lafayette political science professor Pearson Cross to Louisiana Radio Network. If they can’t raise enough money, they won’t be a factor in the race.”

Well, those men will have to raise a ton of money as Kennedy has $11 million in his political war chest, according to

Youtube via Senator John Kennedy
Youtube via Senator John Kennedy

To help make up for that massive fundraising gap, Moon believes that certain writers at The Advocate - Stephanie Grace and Tyler Bridges - are writing puff pieces about the two longshot candidates while attacking Kennedy.

"We vote differently for United States Senator than we do for Governor," pointed out Moon Griffon, who illustrated how Republicans turned on each other in the last two governor's race to help John Bel Edwards get and stay in office. "Stephanie Grace and Tyler Bridges don't have clue and can't even figure this out."

Moon then went into the recent history of U.S. Senators in Louisiana from Mary Landrieu to David Vitter to the present day and how Louisiana voters have turned out big for conservative candidates since Obamacare was passed.

"We (the people of Louisiana) will not send a senator to Washington, D.C. that's going to vote for the Biden Agenda!" exclaimed Moon. "The only way that could happen is if another Republican jumps into the race to try to bash and take down Kennedy...I think Kennedy gets over 60% in this race."

Moon then talked about how he believes the Democratic Party treats black voters and made a bold statement about the future of black candidates who run for statewide office.

"The next black that will be elected (across the state of Louisiana) will be a Republican."

The election is set for November 8th; the runoff (if necessary) December 10th.

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BELOW are the 5 main issues that Moon Griffon hopes the next governor will address.

Medicaid Expansion

Moon Griffon: "Medicaid expansion was devastating to our state. And it's hurt us in terms of how business-friendly we are. The next governor has to come in and make Louisiana the most business-friendly state. Go find out what other states like Florida and Texas are doing and start weening people off of the government. These two states should be used as a model for businesses and individuals. We need a tax structure - like theirs - that's pro-business and pro-family. Low business taxes and no individual income taxes"

Since our reputation is horrible, you've got to do something drastically different and better.


Photo by Spencer Weiner-Pool/Getty Images
Photo by Spencer Weiner-Pool/Getty Images

Tort Reform

Moon Griffon: "We need real tort reform. Not this 'step in the right direction' crap. And you've got to stop all of these lawsuits. We have to find out a way to get out of all of these lawsuits. These are lawsuits that are holding us down."

State Budget

Moon Griffon: "Be a Budget Hawk. We need to give some of our taxpayers their money back. And we need to quit wasting taxpayer dollars. One example of that is the universities. We've got way too many universities! You don't necessarily have to close down universities but universities need to be redirected to be more specific in what they are teaching - like specialties. Then you can downsize at that point."

Education Reform

Moon Griffon: "We need actual education reform. We have been last in education for so long. It's why so many people keep paying to send their kids to private school because the government is failing our kids in many of our school systems."

Final Thoughts

"If you get businesses booming here, it will stop the outmigration. Governor John Bel Edwards has put us on steroids in the wrong direction. We need a governor who is going to get people to work and get the businesses going again."

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