There are two things you learn as a Louisianian about our roads: 1) They're generally awful. 2) When there is construction on them, it usually takes forever!

So, naturally, ne'er a word needed to be spoken to Natalie Naquin Harvey of New Orleans. As a native, she knew what she and her family were in for when road construction began in her West End, Lakeview neighborhood just over a year ago.

Instead of damning the local government or the crews working to repair her neighborhood street, she decided it was time for a celebration.

And that's when Natalie combined her love for baking with her joie de vivre and whipped up a "replica of the street scene in cake form: two layers of chocolate sponge with peanut butter frosting."

Enjoy the magic in her recent Facebook post.

I reached out to Natalie to get a little more background about this viral moment/amazing photo op. Here's what she told me:

My neighbor mentioned it was the 1-year anniversary of when they first started construction so I thought it was a great occasion to make a cake! I love any excuse to bake. We shared the cake with a few of our neighbors (socially distanced -- we dropped slices off at their houses.)

This is how you do it, folks. Instead of moaning and complaining about every little inconvenience life throws at you, celebrate it.

Thanks for this laugh Natalie, the world needs it.

Oh, by the way, we're looking for someone to bake a huuuuge cake to celebrate the I-10 widening project in Lafayette. It's now four-years-old. (Maybe a bounce house and pony too?)

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