A cold case has been solved some 24 years after the crime happened. The Opelousas Police Chief Perry Gallow held a press conference to announce that a case from more than two dozen years ago had finally been solved after evidence at the scene was linked to a suspect who has now been arrested.  Police were finally able to tell the family of Brenda DuPont that they have arrested some in the woman's death.  The Chief says after more than 2 decades DNA evidence led them to arrest Jonell Rubin in the woman's death.

Police says that Dupont was the victim of rape before she was stabbed to death in 1987.  Those who were investigating the case say that it wasn't until very recently that new technologies in DNA evidence have been developed.  Once evidence from the crime was processed with this new DNA evidence, investigators say they were able to get a "hit" on the evidence in the case.

Police have arrested 41-year-old Jonell Rubin after they say DNA evidence was able to help the investigators in the case to bring together a DNA profile that lead to Rubin. Police say that it was not hard to track down Rubin as he was already in the city jail on charges stemming from allegations related to a domestic violence case.  They went to his cell to arrest him on charges of first degree murder and rape.