An Iberia Parish School bus driver was allegedly assaulted by two parents while on their morning route in New Iberia on Friday, February 26, 2021. Superintendent of Iberia Parish Schools, Carey Laviolette, confirmed the incident and according to a family member, the bus driver was taken to the hospital.

UPDATE: New Iberia Police Department is currently searching for a suspect involved in the incident. Details from @KATCTV3 on Twitter below.

According to the report above, NIPD is in search of Travis Layne who has warrants out stemming from the incident.

Original story begins below.

You can see the full story from @KATCTV3 on Twitter below.

According to the above report from our media partners at KATC-TV3, a family member of the bus driver says that the bus was at Zez Street and Yvonne Street in New Iberia around 7:30AM on Friday when the incident occurred. The source also told KATC that the bus driver was at home resting after the assault.

Superintendent Laviollete confirmed that the New Iberia Police Department was investigating the incident, but could not confirm if the two parents involved in the assault have been arrested or not.

With the incident still under investigation and limited details available, one can only wonder what led to this sort of incident happening. We hope that the bus driver has a speedy recovery as we await further information on the alleged assault.

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