UPDATE 4: 05 p.m. : Cpl. Mouton said the Acadiana Mall has been reopened following a possible bomb threat.

Police and fire department personnel searched the premises and found no signs of any explosive device.


Management at the Mall of Acadiana have forced all customers and employees to leave the premises at what may be considered the busiest time of the week for the shopping hub.

Traffic near the intersection of Johnston Street and Ambassador Caffery Parkway is at a standstill due to the evacuation and outflow of vehicles.

Lafayette Police Spokesperson Cpl. Paul Mouton said an emergency call was made to law enforcement about a suspected bomb threat.

Mouton said police and fire department are currently conducting a "walkthrough" to sweep the mall and determine if the facility is free of any explosive devices.

Stay tuned as we report the outcome of the investigation and when the facility will be reopened to the public.