Republicans are name dropping President Trump early and often in a series of new governor’s race campaign ads.

UL Lafayette Poli Sci professor Pearson Cross says even though the race is about state issues, candidates know just saying the President’s name can get people to tune in…

“Donald Trump gets people’s attention. Donald Trump is reviewed favorably in Louisiana by many people, he’s a controversial figure for others, but when you see Donald Trump, you immediately pay attention.”

The words “President Trump” are often mentioned even before candidate’s names, Governor Edwards, or “Louisiana” in recent ads.

Eddie Rispone has made the President a central figure in his messaging. Cross says the businessman is hoping to take advantage of the President’s statewide popularity…

“People are not generally familiar with him, but they are very familiar with Donald Trump. If somehow he can wrap himself into the Donald Trump legacy, he can use that as an introduction.”

Rispone’s most recent online 30 second ad spends the first 20 seconds talking about support for the President.

Cross says it’s a smart strategy considering how popular the President is in Louisiana, but in a tight race it comes with some risks…

“You are basically saying to some Louisianans, maybe 10 percent, who are not Democrats, and who may support a Republican but don’t like Donald Trump that neither Eddie Rispone or Ralph Abraham are their candidate.”

The governor’s race primary will take place October 12th.

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