A Lafayette Police Department checkpoint on Saturday in Lafayette that was looking for people under the influence of alcohol netted six different arrests for that very reason. The checkpoint was set up on the 4400 block of Johnston street and 877 vehicles passed through. Only 15 of those vehicle were stopped for more testing.

The six people arrested for OWI are:

  1. Armando Garcia
  2. Alonso Morales
  3. Lambert Auzenne
  4. Grieg Hernandez
  5. Jared Dore
  6. Jantz Theriot


During the same evening, the Lafayette Police Department also conducted a underage alcohol possession operation that targeted bars around the area. They were looking for any underage drinkers inside the bars. Nine different locations were checked during the operation, and three of those places were found with underage drinkers. 12 different underage people were involved. The three bars/nightclubs that were in violation are:

  1. City Bar- 1 underage person
  2. Bootleggers- 4 underage people
  3. Nitetown- 7 underage people

The drinkers are charged for underage drinking.