A Youngsville homeowner submitted this home surveillance video from October 2nd showing a man going through an unlocked car in a driveway. The man, who appears to be wearing a bandanna on his face, opens the driver door and goes through the inside of the car. He then opens the trunk before running back to a waiting car. It's just the latest in a string of car burglaries that have targeted mostly unlocked cars across the Acadiana area.

Trooper Brooks David from Louisiana State Police says it take one easy step to drastically cut the risk of a break in at your house. LOCK YOUR DOORS. According to FBI statistics, leaving your car unlocked increases the chance that the car or some of its contents will be stolen to 1-in-30.

Trooper David put this logic to the test and tried to open the car doors of 25 radio station employees. Three of the 25 cars  were unlocked. One of the unlocked cars even had a laptop sitting on the front seat.

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