A 12-year-old Church Point resident, Jordyn Malborough, is a local hero. On Sunday evening, a tornado struck their home suddenly and he was left unsure about what was going to happen but knew he needed to check on his sisters and get to a safer part of the home. This is the case for many residents on Prudence Highway in Church Point, as their lives were turned upside down, literally, in a matter of seconds as a tornado ripped through their homes.

Acadia Parish Sheriff's Office Facebook
Acadia Parish Sheriff's Office Facebook

Malborough and his family were watching television inside their home when the tornado hit and they didn’t have time to find a safe place to stay. It just happened so fast. According to KATC, Malborough said they were eating popcorn and watching a movie like any other day. He said when they felt it, it was too late and as they ran to a safe spot, they all just fell. He described the house flipping and said he ended up in the middle of the house trying to escape when everything started to fall on him. Malborough was able to pull his father’s fiancé out from under a piece of furniture that was located on the opposite end of the house. He was also able to get two of his younger sisters that were underneath the house.

The Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Office reported that one person was killed as a result of the tornado and at least nine others sustained non-life threatening injuries. Five homes were destroyed and another four sustained major damage. According to KATC, the parish Office of Emergency Preparedness is trying to help these displaced families find housing.

I can’t imagine what that must have felt like. The fear of wondering if you and your family will survive is too much for anyone to handle, much less a 12-year-old and his younger siblings. All of his relatives are alive. The home can be replaced. In the end, that’s all that matters. And of course, the fact that 12-year-old, Jordyn Malborough is hero.

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