As the high winds and heavy rains of Hurricane Laura swept to the west of Acadiana the Lafayette area was spared, for the most part, any major damage. However, there was enough wind and water to cause several power outages. Some of those outages are still ongoing.

For a lot of us when the power goes out we grab our trusty generator to at least power specific items like refrigerators, freezers, and the all-important air conditioner. However, generator use isn't always as safe and as simple as it seems. Just ask Broussard resident Steven Hall.

Hall told reporter Katie Easter of KATC television that a fire that began at his portable generator destroyed his home. Hall told the TV station that as his son was refueling the generator and attempting to restart the unit it caught fire.

The fire quickly spread from the generator unit to the porch of the home and eventually spread to engulf the entire dwelling. The family has established a GoFundMe account to help pay for materials and other expenses for the rebuilding of the home.

By the way, since many people in Lafayette and the surrounding area are still dealing with power outages and using generators we've compiled these safety tips for you to use during these trying times.


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