A family of 13 lost everything they own in a house fire this past weekend in New Iberia. Now, the matriarch of the family is desperately asking the Acadiana area for help.

YouTube Via KLFY
YouTube Via KLFY

Nettie Evans of New Iberia and her family of 12 children and grandchildren are now without a place to live after a house fire destroyed everything they own this past Saturday (04/16/22).

The fire is believed to have been started when Evans' grandson, who is Autistic, knocked over a candle according to KLFY.com.

Thankfully everyone was able to make it out of the house OK.

Now, Evans says time is running out to find a place for the family to live so they can all stay together.

Evans tells KLFY -

"I spent all my time at that stove, between the stove and the washing machine and the dryer, and running after my little Autistic grandson. It’s not easy

I finally called my church this morning, they decided to put us up for another three nights, but then after that, I don’t have a plan."

If you'd like to help keep Nettie Evans and her family together and find a place to live, a GoFundMe donation page has been set up.

Read more at KLFY.com.

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