LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - The resurfacing of Pinhook Road project in Lafayette is moving to another phase of construction.

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Earlier this year, construction began on the stretch of Pinhook Road between Mall Street and Jomela Drive as workers for Lafayette Consolidated Government began applying new lining on the inside of subsurface drainage pipes. This is within the particular stretch of the often-traveled roadway that is a bit challenging (and kind of dangerous) to navigate: the slim stretch between the bridge over the Vermilion River and its intersection with University Avenue.

Then, a longer stretch of Pinhook Road - from Jomela Drive to Dorset Avenue - construction began to make that 1-mile stretch much smoother for drivers. This resurfacing process was forecast to last for about three months, weather permitting.

In the first phase, workers conducted drainage improvements along side streets near the Oil Center during daytime hours. Then, crews moved into the next phase: resurfacing Pinhook from Dorset St. to Jomela Drive. Crews removed and replaced asphalt during evening and overnight hours to have the least impact on traffic. There were alternating lane closures as this mile-long stretch of road was completely resurfaced in 4-6 weeks.

What Stage is the Pinhook Road Project in Now?

Now, LCG workers will be concentrating on East Pinhook Road between Surrey Street and East Simcoe Street as crews make roadway and sidewalk repairs.

Pinhook Road between Surrey Street and Simcoe Street, google maps
Pinhook Road between Surrey Street and Simcoe Street, google maps

There will be alternating lane closures happening in this stretch for the next couple of weeks - from Saturday, September 23 through Wednesday, October 4. According to LCG, these lane closures will be continuous through these days.

Drivers are encouraged to proceed through the area with caution.


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