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You may have heard that a flood of California residents are moving into the Lone Star State.  It's true and, according to a report from the Houston Chronicle, it all boils down to two words - it's cheaper.  Whether it's the price of homes, taxes, or the general cost of living, Texas is just less expensive for essentially the same quality of life folks find on the west coast.  The latest announcement from tech giant Meta makes it clear that the 3rd coast isn't just attractive for individuals.

Facebook Changes Its Name To "Meta"
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More and More High-Tech Companies Are Moving to Texas

Following in the footsteps of Elon Musk's electric car maker Tesla, rocket company SpaceX,  Apple, Samsung, and Oracle who have made the move to Texas in the past few years - another humongous high-tech company has announced that they will be trading in the sunny beaches (and high taxes) of California for some jangling spurs and Stetsons.  Facebook's parent company Meta has announced that it will be expanding into the Lone Star State.

Coronavirus Pandemic Causes Climate Of Anxiety And Changing Routines In America
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Meta's Presence Will Be Pretty Obvious in Downtown Austin, Texas

According to a report from the business gurus at Bloomberg, the largest social media company in the world will be setting up shop in Austin.  More specifically, the company that runs Facebook and Instagram will be taking up residence in 589,000 square feet across 33 floors in the brand new "Sixth and Guadalupe" tower in the downtown area of Texas' capitol.  The company has 2,000 employees waiting to fill those offices as soon as construction on the new tech hub is complete, with plans to hire 400 more.

Gorgeous Texas Mansion With Its Own Waterpark on the Market for $19.5 Million

Former San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker's Texas mansion is on the market for a mere $19.5 million - and it comes with its own sand volleyball and basketball court - and a freakin' waterpark! If you've got the money, the folks at Kuper Realty would love to make you a deal!

Check out this $5 Million Texas Castle for Sale

Here's your chance to live like a literal king or queen in Texas! This palatial, stone mansion weighs in at a whopping 19,673 square feet, and includes a gigantic garage, pool, towers, and more! Just wait till you see the master bedroom!

Texas' Biggest, Privately-Owned Lake is For Sale

If you've ever wanted to own all of the lakefront property, you're in luck! For a huge chunk of change, you could own all of Fairfield Lake! Check out this amazing body of water you could be the proud owner of! One note: If you do buy it, please take me fishing!

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