Paul Nixon was arrested for a crime I thought was impossible.  This Houston resident would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for his meddling wife.

According to CBS DFW, authorities in Harris County received a panicked and angry call from Mr. Nixon's wife.  She claimed that her "husband" had completed divorce proceedings and filed the final decree that officially and legally declared them no longer married without her consent.  Seeing as this process usually takes between 6 months to a year, and both parties are totally required to be intricately involved - this is actually quite the criminal feat.

Now, authorities in Texas have issued a warrant for the arrest of Paul Nixon on a number of very impressive charges.  According to the report, he is wanted for submitting forged documents and false information to the court in order to get single under his wife's radar.  Nixon is accused of forging his wife's signature a number of times, submitting a "waiver of service" with a forged signature from a notary, and aggravated perjury for his in-court testimony regarding the validity of the documents and information he provided (which were allegedly forged).

The good news is not only is Paul married again (mazel tov), as the fraudulent divorce has been set aside due to the aforementioned crimes, but his long-lost wife is searching for him.  He better hope the cops find him first.

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