This is unprecedented. The kind of flooding that we are seeing in just about every corner of our state has traffic snarled, life confused, and thousands of our neighbors wondering what is next.

Meanwhile, life goes on. That means being able to get where you need to get by the time you need to get there.

One of the hardest situations for motorist to stay on top of is the condition of roadways they are about to travel. Often times media outlets will have the latest information posted for their local area. What if your travel plans take you outside the listening area of your favorite station? Who can you trust? Where should you turn?

There are some websites that I recommend you have saved in your bookmarks. Before you hit the road, especially over the next few days. I suggest you visit this website This site is populated by the latest reports from State Police and the DOTD. You will get up to the minute information on accidents, road closures, and detours.

If you're traveling in your car I suggest you down load the "Way To Geaux" app. It's free from Google Play and the App Store on iTunes. This puts all the information of the site at your fingertips on your smartphone. I like the fact that the app talks to you and recognizes your present location. This is a great way to be up to the know while you're on the go.

Another great source of almost instant information is this station's Facebook page and Twitter feed. Quite often information can be beamed out over social media even before the announcers have the chance to put on the air. These resources are also great for getting official information from a source you trust.

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